Legend has it that at the beginning of time, when the gods created Aurelis, they forged a world where human kind lived and a second dimension in which dragons and other creatures dwelled.

     Only few humans have ever traveled the dragon realm, and even fewer survived to tell about it. One of those who did was the courageous and kindhearted Princess Alana who saved the life of the mighty dragon king, fell in love with him and eventually took his hand in marriage. Their descendants are still living and thriving throughout Aurelis and they have been protecting and ruling the world ever since.
     To this day, whenever a child of their bloodline is born in the human world, a dragon fletching will hatch at the same moment and the two will be linked through an invisible bond for life. There are scholars who will go as far as to claim that those children and their dragons share a single soul, but that might just be another myth.

     This story begins at a time when the Dragon Alliance is at its weakest. Sanq has fallen to the hostile Rommefeller Empire, the new king of Galados, is as many believe, still too young and too inexperience to lead the Alliance, and the shadows of civil war are hanging over the kingdom of Lhankor. To most life still seems peaceful and ordinary, but those who have been studying the ancient texts can already read the signs foreboding a dark future.

     According to those ancient books, the Dragon King who is both human and beast, had been bestowed by the gods with the power to keep balance between dark and light in Aurelia. But every two thousand years, the king's death will set off a cycle of turmoil and disaster which lasts until his soul is reborn and the new Dragon King steps into power. It is the time when legends are born and heroes are forged...